Winner Announcement for the Halloween Event

Dear Pionex users,

The winners of the Halloween event have been randomly selected. The Ethereum awards will be distributed to your Pionex account within 10 working days. A reward confirmation email will be sent within 3 days as well. Here is the full winner list:

  • 1 user winning 1 Ethereum
45***alia@gmail.com1 ETH
  • 2 users winning 0.1 Ethereum
bi***ing059@gmail.com0.1 ETH
je***y003@outlook.com0.1 ETH
  • 10 users winning 0.01 Ethereum
ja***qualtrough@gmail.com0.01 ETH
ea***lea87@gmail.com0.01 ETH
ni*** ETH
th***gus@hotmail.com0.01 ETH
ma***andre.f.f@gmail.com0.01 ETH
32***r@gmail.com0.01 ETH
ge***@gektek.info0.01 ETH
oz***11@yahoo.com0.01 ETH
ho***nvestllc@gmail.com0.01 ETH
me***de18@gmail.com0.01 ETH

More events and rewards will be announced and distributed in November. Stay tuned.

Check the November “Win 1 Bitcoin” event here

Pionex Team