Winner Announcement for December Win 1 Bitcoin Event

Dear Pionex users,

The winners of our December “Win 1 Bitcoin” event have been randomly selected. The Bitcoin awards will be distributed to your Pionex account within 10 working days. A reward confirmation email will be sent within 3 working days as well. You can check the list below

We will also start a new event on our latest app soon

Keep your Bitcoin Growth Bot running, and you may be granted a higher chance to win in the future! Stay tuned 🙂

  • 1 user winning 1 Bitcoin
bu***su**s@gmail.com1 BTC
  • 5 users winning 0.01 BTC
dr*** BTC
bl***ay*** BTC
jo***ie.wu@utexas.edu0.01 BTC
jf***lera@gmail.com0.01 BTC
ma***wynn2@gmail.com0.01 BTC
  • 30 users winning 0.001 BTC
ch***songcs@gmail.com0.001 BTC
he***1***1@hotmail.com0.001 BTC
ta***fthedevil@me.com0.001 BTC
sc***no***zi@gmail.com0.001 BTC
sa***nde***n1707@gmail.com0.001 BTC
jo***xcv@gmail.com0.001 BTC
ra*** BTC
ji***hks*** BTC
ca***ell.da***101@gmail.com0.001 BTC
gu***n39@hotmail.com0.001 BTC
ca***inh***rd@yahoo.com0.001 BTC
pi***34@gmail.com0.001 BTC
sa***am111@gmail.com0.001 BTC
wy***17@gmail.com0.001 BTC
jo***ulver19@gmail.com0.001 BTC
bl***am***ej@gmail.com0.001 BTC
ve***gri***st@gmail.com0.001 BTC
ad***_feder@pm.me0.001 BTC
m*@e***c.me0.001 BTC
pr***xusgg@gmail.com0.001 BTC
wi***emasena@bigpond.com0.001 BTC
fo***ie@gmail.com0.001 BTC
fu***406@hotmail.com0.001 BTC
ja***barr99@hotmail.com0.001 BTC
si***sa***on@gmail.com0.001 BTC
ho***io.ray.***des@gmail.com0.001 BTC
tu***imbe***tw@gmail.com0.001 BTC
li**@89digit**** BTC
ad***nsj***s@gmail.com0.001 BTC
te***root@gmail.com0.001 BTC

Pionex Team