How do I start trading crypto with a bot?


First, you need to choose in which platform you want to trades. There are several exchanges available, but not all of them have buil-in bot, so you need another 3rd app party to do trading crypto with bot. It would take another security measures doing so since you will be connecting API Key and Private Key from the exchanges to the bot.

After you chose the platform and connecting your account to the bot, you can deposit to fund the bot. The bot will trade with real money, it is advised to start with low amount first until we understand fully about maximizing profit and minimalize the risk of the bot.

Fund is ready, now you can set up your bot. Some bot needs advance set-up, but some others bot also can be start with one click away. Using Grid Bot provided by Pionex, you can start the bot with one click using AI settings, or you can tweak the settings manually. You can learn how to tweak the settings manually in here

The bot is running, now seat back and watch the bot working for you. The bot will trades while the market moving. You can occasionally check the bot performance once in a while. As long as the market price is still in setup of the bot, you can let the bot run and take profit where you plan. Dont forget to add some alert for minimizing risk.

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