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Not enough balance? – I do have some Bitcoin in my account but why does this happen?

Some users come to Pionex eager to create their first Grid Trading Bot, just to realize that there is not enough balance in their account when there is! Why does it happen? Here are some reasons why it occurs and how to solve it:

  • The parameters you’ve set require more investment: reduce Grid quantity and range
  • Verify that you have the coins needed: if you do not have them, buy/sell the required coins. For example, if you want to create a BTC/USDT Grid Bot you should have USDT to invest.
  • Verify that your funds are not frozen: a frozen amount means it’s been held in some manual or bot orders, cancel to make them available.
  • Make sure you have your funds on the Spot Account. If you have funds on the future account, please transfer to the Spot account.

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