When I look at my account balance, I have a total Spot profit of 11 $ USD but unrealized Future profit of -43 USD. Does it mean that I’m currently down 32 USD compare to when I started investing and I have to wait some more to get a positive result ?Does the price of my asset (ETH) affects the spot and future profit ?Thanks !


No it is not, spot future arbitrage will open position with the same size in spot market and in future market. that -43 usd loss is from beginning of the bot, meanwhile the 11 usd profit in spot market is just today profit. Overall, the profit and loss since beginning is really close to 0 (depend on your price gap when creating the bot). As long as you dont touch the bot (withdraw/add margin) , the overall value in USDT will still the same, you will gain profit and loss only from funding fee, and some fluctuating unrealized profit from real time price gap.

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