I’m looking for a – let’s say – simple trading bot, which has no grid, but triggers buy/sell on the (customizable) difference of percentage, no leverage

such as:
I’ll start with i.e. with 1 ETH as invets at a time “0”. The pair should be ETH/USDT.

If the price goes up 5% and drops the 2%, then the bot should sell the ETH with profit of 3%.

Then it should wait what happens, and if the price comes back of a dip and rises 2% again, it should buy another ETH and wait until the price drops the new 2%. Hopefully it will rise more than 2%… 😉

Do you know what I mean?
Simply said, I’d like to sell shortly after a peak and buy again shortly after a dip.
Is such a bot available?

Or is there a possibility to configure a grid bot “without” a grid?


You can use our【smart trade】bot. You just need to set buy price, (trailing) take profit price and stop loss price at first. The bot will keep tracking the price and operate without grid strategy. You could try this innovative bot with the coins you want.
For details, please take a look at our tutorials: https://www.pionex.com/blog/smart-trade-app-version/

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