I just stopped a bot. It had a certain amount of USDT in it, and a certain amount of AVAX + the grid profit was 50%.

But after stopping the bot and selling my AVAX, the amount of USDT in my account was the same as when I started the bot, aka my investment. Though: the parameters showed that there was an amount of USDT held by the bot. Now it looks like I broke even, even though the bot’s parameters showed I had more USDT than now. How is this possible?

Unrealized was minus:) That would explain breakeven. But despite that, the bot showed it held 200$ besides the AVAX and the grid profit.


Actually you can check all the details in the details history. It shows you every transaction it occurs, including where it buy and where it sells

Realized (grid profit) will always be on usdt because it is already bought and sold with profit. The total might up and down depends on unrealized

Ah i don’t know ur using both settings, usually people using usdt only, easier to count

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