How to Buy Avalanche Coin (AVAX)

What is Avalanche Crypto ?

Avalanche is a smart contracts platform, which claim has the fastest time-to-finality and the most validators securing its activity compared to other of Proof-of-Stake protocol. Avalanche is also open source and programmable smart contracts for decentralized application. 

Avalanche network confirms transaction in under 1 seconds, it also compatible with entire Ethereum development kit which will enable developer to develop their smart contract easier. 

Avalanche mainnet consist of 3 blockchain : X-Chain , C-Chain, and P-Chain. X-Chain is used as managing assets chain and its consensus protocol. While C-Chain is used as smart contracts deployment. For the validators, they coordinate at P-Chain. C-Chain and P-Chain use unique consensus called Snowman Consensus Protocol. 

Avalanche Consensus protocols was the next big breakthrough in consensus protocols, combining the benefits of Nakamoto consensus (robustness, scale, decentralization) and all the benefits of Classical consensus (speed, quick finality, and energy efficiency). In 2018, a paper was distributed by a pseudonymous group named Team Rocket that proved that Classical protocols can be generalized to behave probabilistically and gain massive performance improvements as a result.

Just as Nakamoto traded off a small chance in probability for performance, Avalanche is also probabilistic and can make the error so small that it is even less likely that a safety violation will occur on an Avalanche node than the odds of finding a SHA-256 hash collision. To put this in greater perspective, it’s dozens of orders of magnitude more likely that a life-ending asteroid will collide with the Earth in the next hundred years than a SHA-256 collision is detected in the next thousand years by a network computing 1 quintillion hashes a second.

Avalanche Ecosystem

As mentioned before, so many dApps is coming into AVAX Blockchain. Some of them even has huge community base. Here are the list of popular dApps on AVAX. Keep in mind there are plenty of others that is building on AVAX blockchain.

  • bZx (decentralized margin trading, borrowing, and lending).
  • Prosper (a decentralized non-custodial prediction market).
  • UNION (collateral optimization instruments and bundled insurance coverage).
  • e-Money (transparent, interest-bearing, currency-backed stablecoins).
  • Reef (cross-chain smart liquidity aggregator).
  • YIELD (automated portfolio and wealth management).
  • Frontier (aggregation layer supporting AVAX staking, NFTs, and TrueUSD).
  • (decentralized cloud services such as file storage and compute).
  • Ankr (node hosting and validating services for Avalanche).

Avalanche AVAX Impacts on Crypto Space

The implications of the Avalanche network and the advent of the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge are wide and far-reaching.

Accessibility – The low cost of transactions on Avalanche means that smaller trades are more financially viable, opening up the DeFi ecosystem to smaller players and entry-level investors. While the user experience is still complex and represents a significant barrier to entry, improvements in this area could lead to a wider range of participants in the world of DeFi.

Low slippage – The slow speed of the Ethereum blockchain often leads to significant slippage and failed transactions when conducting on-chain trades. The faster transaction rate and higher throughput of the Avalanche network opens the door to minimal price slippage and instant trades, bringing the experience of trading on DEXs closer to that of their centralized counterparts.

ETH2.0 – There has been understandable hype around the upcoming launch of ETH2.0 and the greater scalability it promises to bring, especially as transactions on Ethereum grow ever more costly. However, with networks like Avalanche growing in popularity in the meantime, the launch of ETH2.0 may end up being less impactful than anticipated.

The Avalanche Bridge contract already has over $30 million worth of Ethereum-based assets locked up, showing strong adoption just one day after launch.

How to Buy Avalanche Coin AVAX

There are multiple ways to get your hands on Avalanche AVAX token. The easiest way is to use Credit card or debit card in some centralized exchanges or your local crypto exchanges.

You also can use crypto-app purchase such as CashApp or RobinHood. If you cannot find Avalanche there, you can buy USDTether or Ethereum and transfer it out to Pionex. Pionex provides you to purchase or sell almost all popular tokens in cryptocurrency. 

Pionex also provides automated trading strategy, which enables you to set up a trading strategy and let the bot execute it automatically. You dont have to be on screen 24/7, with the bot provided by Pionex, you can trade 24/7 only by seting up bot in under 1 minutes. 

Avalanche AVAX Price Prediction

Currently, as per 24-September-2021 , AVAX is trading at around $74.2. AVAX token is moving to its All-Time-High price discovery. This is a good sign that people start to acknowledge the AVAX token purpose is worth more than before. More and more projects is coming and built on AVAX mainnet, which will deliver more use case in AVAX blockchain. 

This concept is same as industry in real world, the more use it brings into their network, it means more and more people will use AVAX token. Before they use AVAX token, they need to buy it somewhere, which they can get in decentralized market , or centralized exchanges. Increasing buying demands will push the price up until market satisfied with the price and correcting back into average price. 

The team behind AVAX is widely known as professional team. It’s CEO, Emin Gün Sirer, is the CEO of AVA Labs, which its team is the main developer of AVAX blockchain. Sirer has quite well background in cryptospace and has no bad reputation in investment scheme. Backed by good teams and useful network, AVAX will definitely has value to the market. 

AVAX Trading Strategy

Don’t you worry. There are some methods for newcomer to trades without having prior knowledge but still can produce quite stable profit. There’s at least 2 kind of trading strategy which is often used by the professional or even hedge fund to trades their holding.

First one is for low risk trades, which is hedging your portofolio. By hedging your portofolio, you will protect your crypto value while recieveing constant profit from funding fee market gives to your hedge position. This strategy called Spot-Futures Arbitrage Trading. The only one platform that gives you tools for trading using this strategy is Pionex. In Pionex, you can utilize Spot-Future arbitrage with very low risk and get way better profit around 15-30% APR at average. In the history of the bot runnig, it has 100% uptime and historically always deliver profit in yearly term. This is one of the best strategy to slowly grow your cryptocurrency portofolio.

Another strategy is Grid Trading. Utilizing free bots from Pionex, you can trade automatically 24/7 in your preferred trading price range. Since it will trades your position in grid fashion, you will gain as long as there is volatility in the market. Learn more about grid trading here :