"Also the fee 2 times is only for 2% of your holdings, which means it is 0.05 * 0.02 * 2"…..This is the reason why you not add USDT token there, right?

For many trades we pay a looot of fee for nothing

that is my point

for this to be aded Usdt there is nothing like need a time to developing it, the true reason is 2x to pay trading fee


No, its the new idea to have rebalance token.

Chill man why you so negative towards us ? As i said it will be tweaked later on.

Also you accusing like that , do you know how much rebalancing bot used right now ?

Every thing is taking steps, if you dont like the way it still works now, then just dont use it. Its simple. If you feels like its not efficient enough, just leave it. Use what you need, not only using all available one

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