look, to add Usdt token in rebalancing bot to be available not need anything, just to add it and to work, right?


Please bear. Remember your time in bituniverse back then only has 10 grids or 50 grids? now we have 500 – 1000 grids. I know you from earlier time, you know we are working to update the best UI/UX for the users , right?

Please be patient, its not a magic to make all thing happen in one seconds, dont worry the rebalancing bots will have updates in the futures i believe

If you want to use it for BTC-ETH for now, its not possible doing it in the most efficient way since it doesnt work like that. But if you try to use it on a multiple basket like DeFI 10 tokens basket, it would be better than doing it manually

Also the fee 2 times is only for 2% of your holdings, which means it is 0.05 * 0.02 * 2

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