Pionex fee is 0,05% per transaction right? But why does Pionex take like 0,13% fee when a 8 hours arbitrage profit of 0,29% is coming free?

In such case I should get 0,24% of the profit instead of 0,16% of the profit. Can you please explain?


It is coming from the leverage, 0,05% fee is for each trades. If you trade with leverage, the fee will likely to be bigger than the normal.

But keep in mind in arbitrage bot, this trading fee only occurs in the first when you creating the bot, in the last when you stop the bot, and in case of deleveraging is happenign. Most likely for a normal arbitrage bot you only have to pay this twice in the first and in the closing , so after several funding fee this fee should have been covered by the arbitrage profit.

For the every funding fee profit, it doesnt has fee. You recieve full funding fee whatever its given from the market

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