Where can i see all the profit closed.

I am running the bot now but i find it confusing between Profit and Total Profit (after u click details) Is the USDT earned will be remain as USDT seperately?


The profit is the same as the Total Profit of your bot details. It will calculate the grid profit and the unrealized profit together.

The grid profit is the profit made by the bot with “buying low and selling high” strategy.

The unrealized profit is the difference between the spot average holding price your bot had and the current spot price.

And the unrealized profit will be realized when you closed the bot.

When you closed the bot, you can choose ” Please sell ” or ” Don’t sell ” .

If you choose ” Please sell,” the bot will sell all the coins it had directly and return USDT to your portfolio.

If you choose ” Don’t sell,” the bot will return the remain coins and USDT it had to your portfolio.

All the coins and USDT of the bot it has will show in your portfolio immediately as the status of frozen amount.

The grid profit which your bot made will add to your portfolio immediately as the frozen amount as well.

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