The bots trading can be lost or not?


It all depends on your strategy the bots are tools to make your job easier!!!

With a good long-term focused strategy, everything will always be fine

If you set the range to tight it will fall out of either the top or bottom and will stop trading on your behalf until it is back in target range. So a large range will help to prevent that from occurring. The downside to larger range grids is they trade less frequently but it all depends on your risk and reward ratio, what type of trader you are. If your a scalper then tight grids you manage and shut down and restart frequently works great. If you’re more the long haul or even swing trader I recommend setting it wide personally. If it is at a loss and you shut it down then you will realize the loss, if the markets dip but are within your range you’re simply buying the dip and it will resume selling and making you profits when the markets recover. Shutting it down in a dip is horrible as it is simply reloading to make more profits later on

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