Why do crypto traders use trading bot? Are crypto trading bots worth it?


Trading bot offers several strengths for crypto traders to utilize on. Different traders might need different purpose, but these reasons could be one of them :

1. Bot provides automation for trading, reducing the hassle to put manual trades.

General traders dont have 24/7 hour for trading in front of their account. Meanwhile , trading bot is running on online server which make it possible to do continuous trades 24/7 without the needs to checking it every time it puts order. Since the bot will automatically put orders based on the instruction, traders will have easier time to do their trades

2. Trading bot trades based on data and formula, removing emotional trades possibilities in the trades.

Trading bot only works based on what we program it to work. It gather data and do the trades based on the formula that we given to it. This can help the traders to not having emotional based trades such as a FOMO trades, or Revenge trading after loss.

3. Trading bot reacts quicker than manual trading.

Trading bot reacts based on real time data, so it can execute trades within seconds or even millisecond. Meanwhile , if you do manual trading, it takes several steps before the trades executed. You need to check the price chart first, and then deciding the support and resistance to buy. After that put the number and orders. All this steps takes longer time compared using trading bot.

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