I started the bot on 16/02/2021 on grid bot. Only coin purchase is ADA at 1.44 with starting capital of USDT500. Today 20/4, the total holding I saw was USDT448 at current ADA/USDT rate of 1.182. The breakeven price show is 1.3628. I would like to know under such circumstances, what would you do to cut losses or how to further finetune the bot for lesser loss / improve the breakeven price. Thanks in advance


If you don’t want to sell your ADA and suffer the loss from bot, you can choose “Don’t sell” when closing it. The system will convert the ADA which your bot holding into a tradable amount. You can decide to use those ADA to reinvest into another grid trading bot or just hold the spots until the price rises. You can sell them to take profit at any time you want.

This decision depends on your strategies and how much you could withstand from the loss. Please evaluate the situation and make your own choice carefully.

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