I have been using the infinity bot for 30 days now with an investment of 200 ada/usdt and over the past 30 days my profits are 30 odd percent +- 100 usd. I have noticed that my ada holdings are decreasing as the bot trades. My question is if I stop the bot do I still have my initial 200 ada or does it convert to udst?

If so can I buy more ada and restart the bot. I also would like to know how the minimum investment works for the bot as I have tried to trade xrp using the grid bot but dont have enough xrp to run it. Any help would be appreciated.


You’ll have the option to sell the remaining token into usdt , or not selling the token and just stop the bot when you are trying to close the bot. Selling the token will give you full USDT, meanwhile not selling will give you whatever the bot holding remainings (holdings, and profits)

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