I’d like to set up an Arb Bot for ETH/USDT and as I’m reading through the information it says in the top tips “As long as the funding rate stays positive, keep the bot active for at least 1~2 weeks. But you can still shut it down anytime you want.”Why would I shut it down after 1-2 weeks? Surely I could keep the bot running for months?Thanks


The text means suggested to keep the bot keep running for another 1-2 weeks and re-evaluate again. It doesnt mean you only have 1-2 weeks to run the bot, bot rather it is good idea to keep the bot run longer and re-evaluate later. If the funding fee keep positive, you can keep it running for months.

Dont forget, re-evaluating risk is also important. You dont want to leave it for months if the funding fee keeps negative 2 whole months arent you ?

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