hello does anyone know why I cant use my money I made a depost with usdc, when I tried to collect the dust nothing appears.

I have the money in my balence account but I cannot use it, the first time i made a depost i collect something in the dust collector and i used the money now nothing appears in the dust collector even if the account have the money.


situation 1: Uptrend profit takes a big part of grid profit. So there is less grid profit to release.

Sometimes, It seems that there is more grid profit, but a big part of the grid profit is the uptrend profits.

situation 2: For Grid Trading bot with a wide price range(like BTC/USDT), because the upper price limit is very high, so it needs more funds to get started, which need more BTC and USDT as the trading fee. So the releasable profit is a little bit less.

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