When the future price is lower than the index price and the shorts pay the longs the funding payment, do we lose money in that scenario or do we collect that way too from being in a long position?

Let’s say we were in a bearish crypto market. Could we steadily lose money every 8 hours? If we could steadily lose money, could you alter the bot to recognize that situation and automatically shutdown? At least give us that option to choose from?How do I join the SAFU program?Thanks!


In this kind of situation, you will suffer a loss, but it is temporary. It will be profitable in the long run 【The difference is stipulated to be 0.03% per day by default (0.01% per funding interval since funding occurs every 8 hours) and may change depending on market conditions, such as the Federal Funds Rate.】

Simply speaking, the situation of positive funding fee rate frequency are usually more than the situation of negative funding fee rate. Each users shall identify themselves to manually manage and shut down the robot at the correct times. Bots won’t close itselfs.

On the page of the 【Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot】, when you add a new robot, you can click rh third button of shield icon on the upper right corner, and join to the SAFU program there.

For details, please take a look at our tutorial:https://pionex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360062079894-Pionex-s-Arbitrage-SAFU-Program

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