Closed an arbitrage bot recently and was surprised by all the fees that accumulate now

There was no « arbitrage bot server fee », why is this added on top the « opening/closing fee »? Moreover, I thought the SAFU fees were waived if less than 10 000 USD was invested, it’s not the case anymore?


They are 2 different fees, the opening and closing fee is the trade fee which is the same as if you buy and sell with manual order. Since you have a position and need to be sold, when it sold you need to pay for this fee (0.05% transaction fee). Meanwhile the SAFU fees is the insurance fund collected from all arbitrage user to insurance their position in case of something happen. This fee is taking 10% of the profit only. For the 10,000 USD case, it is cumulative thing, if you have run several arbitrage fund before and total accumulated is more than 10,000 USDT, all of the next arbitrage bot you create will automatically join SAFU Program.

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