Profit, Yours. Loss, Ours.

The campaign is currently offline.

$10 Pionex GRID Bot Insurance Fund

Test the grid bot on Pionex without risking your own money! Follow the below instructions and start your first GRID Bot on Pionex without suffering any losses.

To encourage more crypto traders to embrace trading bots to control the risk and increase profitability. Pionex now provides a GRID Bot insurance fund for all our users to test the trading bot. Keep reading and learn more details.

If you haven’t used the trading bot on Pionex before, you can start with this campaign. We’ll make sure that you won’t suffer any losses while using the bot.

5 Steps to Start a GRID Bot with Insurance

Complete all the tasks in the campaign, and start a GRID Bot with the protection from the insurance. The Bot will automatically stop loss if the loss is more than $10.

  • Step1: Download Pionex app —
  • Step2: Sign up a Pionex account, and visit the “Profit, yours. Loss, ours!” campaign which on top of the main page.
  • Step3: Click “WATCH & EARN $3” to get $3. You’ll need to complete all of the tasks to be eligible for the insurance.
  • Step4: Click “DEPOSIT & EARN $5” to deposit 100 USDT or equivalent value of ETH, BTC.
  • Step5: Tap “CREATE & EARN $2” to create the Grid bot.

When will I receive the insurance fund to cover my loss?

We will manually distribute the funds once a week. If you don’t receive the fund in the next 7 days after your bot cancel, kindly contact us through

FAQ for the Insurance Fund

  1. The aim of the insurance fund is to cover your loss while testing the Pionex GRID Bot. It’s not an airdrop or giveaway for free money.
  2. The insurance is only available for 7 days. After the bot lasted for more than 7 days, you won’t get covered.
  3. Make sure to create the GRID Bot on the campaign page. You won’t get cover if you create the bot by yourself through BOT House.
  4. The campaign is only available in Pionex app (Not available on the web version)
  5. After deposit your funds to Pionex, you’ll need to refresh the page and the second task will be done.
  6. You can check the insurance fund in your deposit history after receiving it.

9 Reasons For Using A GRID Bot.

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