What is an unrealized loss? In the different bots (Grid bot and Smart trade) is it a profit or a loss? And what is it really for?


Unrealized loss has a few small buttons you can click for detail examples and explanation.. long story short it’s the buys and sells your bot has made but has not completed the other side.. coin goes up and not back down then you’re at + unrealized.. it will stay positive until there are more sells than buys

Coin goes up +10, then down 5, well that first $5 never got bought back so you’re up $5 unrealized gain (from the first $5 in sells), with $0.75 grid profits (from the up 10 minus 5 -sells up and a bit down).. horrible math there but round easy numbers

Sometimes I see unrealized gain number as “if you owned this coin with a bot you would have $83 more dollars lol” but next week my grid profits should surpass the unrealized if my bot stubs in range..

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