Why can’t I release the profits of the grid bot?

Having grid profit, but “Release profit” shows 0 USDT?

The releasable profit is to release part of your grid profits or funds that do not use in the bot order.

There have some situations that make the bot can’t release profit :

  • situation 1: Uptrend profit takes a big part of grid profit. So there is less grid profit to release.
    (Sometimes, It seems there have large amounts of grid profit, but a huge part of the grid profit comes from the uptrend profits.)
  • situation 2: For grid Trading bot with a wide price range(e.g. BTC/USDT), because the upper price limit is very high, it needs more funds to run the bot, which needs more BTC and USDT as the trading fee. So the releasable profit would be a little bit less.
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