Wealth and Fund Management

What is Wealth Management? What are Funds?

As the name suggests, Wealth Management is when institutional users entrust Pionex traders to trade on their behalf, with the aim of achieving asset appreciation. Pionex’s professional trading team will select the optimal trading strategies based on your requirements. Fund Products are also managed by traders and are open to institutional clients for free subscriptions. Users can choose different fund combinations or invest in a specific fund.

The Process of Wealth Management

The entire process of Wealth Management is transparent and secure. Traders connect to users’ wallets through APIs to manage their assets. You can experience close communication and interaction with market strategies, real-time monitoring of trades, and continuous updates on investment returns. Whether you prefer coin-denominated or USDT-denominated returns, you can find suitable solutions on Pionex.

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Currently, funds involving market-making strategies are not available to users. Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in the funds that are already available, you can click here to view the products.

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