Pionex Exclusive Deposit Benefits

Dear PIONEX users,

Welcome on board🧡. We are excited to announce a special event for our users in invited regions and channels.

Event Time: 2023-04-12 to 2023-05-02

Event: Deposit and trade to get 5,000USDT

Cumulative Net DepositTrading VolumeRewards(Bonus)

Event Details:

  1. Event Time: 2023-04-12 00:00 to 2023-05-02 23:59
  2. Users participating in this event need to complete KYC level 2.
  3. If the deposit amount meets the requirement but the corresponding trading volume is not fulfilled, or the other way round, the rewards will be issued based on the preceding tier that meets both the cumulative net deposit and trading volume requirements. Example: a. During the event, the user’s cumulative net deposit is 1,000 USDT with a trading volume of 50,000 USDT. 55 USDT Trial Fund will be issued as a reward. b. During the event, the user’s cumulative net deposit is 3,000 USDT with a trading volume of 100,000 USDT. 100 USDT Trial Fund will be issued as a reward. 
  4. Internal transfers don’t count as deposits. Please note that internal transfers to another user are considered withdrawals. 
  5. Each eligible user can only receive one reward. 
  6. Please note that transferring funds out of futures account during this period will make you ineligible to receive the rewards. What is Bonus?
  7. Any users involved in unfair activities to grab rewards, including multiple accounts (same IP addresses, equipment, or KYC) and impersonation, will be disqualified from the event. 
  8. Pionex reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.
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