PIONEX Newbie Giveaways

Dear PIONEX Newbies🧡,

Welcome on board🧡. We are excited to announce a special event for our new users in invited regions and channels. From March 30th to April 15th, new users can participate in our Task 1 and Task 2 (shown in the table) to earn rewards bonus!

TaskTrading VolumeRewards bonus
1KYC2 completion55

Trading volume  within 7 days of registration
 (required >500USDT in the FIRST deposit )

> 10,000

> 150,000

> 300,000

> 600,000

 > 1,500,000

   > 3,000,000






*Notes – Task 2: Users will be rewarded according to their corresponding tier based on their total trading volume within 7 days of registration.

A short explanation of Task 1&2

Task 1: Complete KYC2 Verification and Open a Futures Account

To participate in Task 1, all you need to do is complete KYC2 verification and open a futures account on Pionex. There is no deposit required for this task, and you will receive a bonus of 55 rewards upon completion.

Note that KYC2 verification must be from the invited region and channels, so make sure to check if your location is eligible before starting the task.

Task 2: Trade and Earn Rewards

To qualify for this task 2, you must make a first deposit of at least 500 USDT after registration and start trading on Pionex. Only trading in Perpetual Futures and held for over 1 minute will be included in the statistics for this task.

Your rewards will be based on your trading volume within seven days of registration, as follows:

  • > 10,000 USDT trading volume: 55 USDT rewards
  • > 150,000 USDT trading volume: 100 USDT rewards
  • > 300,000 USDT trading volume: 150 USDT rewards
  • > 600,000 USDT trading volume: 200 USDT rewards
  • > 1,500,000 USDT trading volume: 350 USDT rewards
  • > 3,000,000 USDT trading volume: 600 USDT rewards

Terms and Conditions

  • These tasks are only open to new users from the invited regions and channels (Japan, South Korea).
  • To participate in Task 1, you also need to open a futures account (no deposit required).
  • Event time: 2023-03-30 to 2023-04-15. Sign-up is required for participation.
  • The KYC2 in Task 1 must be from the invited region.
  • The deposit in Task 2 must be the first deposit made after registration.
  • Only users with a first deposit> 500 USDT are qualified for the Bonus
  • Only trading in Perpetual Futures and held for over 1 minute is included in the statistics of Task 2.
  • Pionex will issue the rewards for qualified newbies after 7 days since the registration. Please note that withdrawing or transferring funds out of futures account during this period will make you ineligible to receive the rewards. What is Bonus?
  • Any hedging transactions behavior will lead to the bonus elimination.
  • Any users involved in unfair activities, such as using multiple accounts (same IP addresses, equipment, or KYC), will be removed.
  • Pionex reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

Notice: The verification for KYC2 will be unique and specific to each Pionex account, with individual rewards given. Any unbinding or switch-binding behaviors will disqualify you from receiving event awards.

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