Pionex CopyBot Agreement

Dear Pionex users,

By using the Pionex CopyBot service, directly or indirectly, you indicate your entire agreement with the terms outlined in our User Agreement. Please read the following terms and conditions for CopyBot to know all the risks. If you disagree, please do not use the CopyBot service.

Overview of CopyBot Service

• The current CopyBot service only supports futures grid bots. When the trader creates a new futures grid bot, you will automatically copy the trader’s parameters to create one.
• Only new bots created by traders are eligible for copying. Running bots cannot be copied.
• You can copy the same CopyBot once you close the running one.
• When the trader closes his bots for copiers, the system will automatically stop the related orders of copiers and terminate the follow-up relationship.

Copiers’ Risks
  1. There’s a risk that the number of your CopyBots might not match with the traders’.
    • You will not copy the traders’ running bots. Only new bots created by traders are eligible for you to copy.
    • When the number of bots with the same trading pair exceeds the order limit (including bots you created independently, CopyBots on the homepage, and CopyBots from traders you’ve followed), you will not be able to copy traders’ bots automatically. Please note that the BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT trading pairs have a 20-order limit, while all other pairs have a 5-order limit.
    • If the number of your running future grid bots triggers the tiered investment requirement, you will not be able to copy the traders’ new bots due to the increased minimum investment requirement. Here are the tiered investment requirements: for over 20 orders, a minimum investment of 100 USDT is required; for over 30 orders, a minimum investment of 200 USDT is required; for over 50 orders, a minimum investment of 300 USDT is required.
  1. There’s a risk that your opening or closing price may not match the traders’.
    •The copiers’ opening or closing transaction is executed after receiving the trader’s opening or closing signal, so the opening or closing time will be later. If the market fluctuates significantly during this time, there may be discrepancies. Depending on the market change, the executed price may be better or worse than the trader’s.
    • There may be slippage when the copiers’ position is too large, as the CopyBot transaction is based on the market price.
  2. There’s a risk that your positions may not match the traders’.
    • Your CopyBots may not follow the traders when they have increased or decreased investment.
    • Due to insufficient funds for your CopyBots, when the traders increase or decrease the margin for futures grid bots, you cannot follow them.
    • Copiers independently adjust the margin of their futures grid bots, not in alignment with the trader.
    • If you don’t have enough funds available for CopyBots, even after using all your leftovers, you might be unable to match the trader’s position ratio.
  • Pionex does not endorse or commit to any copying strategy. You should make your own investment decisions. Pionex should not be considered as providing investment advice. Before using the CopyBot service, you should independently decide based on your investment objectives and personal financial status. Neither Pionex nor your trader will be responsible for your investment losses.
  • In the worst case, using CopyBots may result in a complete loss of funds, which will be the sole responsibility of the person copying the order.
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