Perpetual Futures was officially launched

The public test was successfully completed on February 14th, 2023 (Singapore time), and Pionex Perpetual Futures was officially launched!

What are the features of Pionex Futures?

  • Supports up to 100x leverage
  • Optimized for market depth and slippage for mainstream coins (BTC, ETH)
  • Famous KOLs copy trade for making money
  • Futures bots automatically perform arbitrage 24/7
  • A variety of trading activities with many benefits
  • More popular coins and value coins are being added

How to use Pionex Futures?

  • Go to https://download.pionex.comand upgrade app version to  V20104003.
  • Open “Trade – Futures” to see the Futures page and create a Futures account.
  • Answer the Futures quiz questions to open the Futures account. If you already have experience in Futures trading, you can select “I have experience trading futures and am aware of all associated risks without taking the quiz.”
  • Click “+” to transfer funds from your Primary Account to your Futures Account.
  • After the transfer is completed, you can open a futures position.

Risk warning:

High-leverage Futures trading is a high-risk trading behavior. Pionex has always insisted that users should not use high leverage. Please ensure you understand the risks of high leverage that might cause liquidation before using it.

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