Pionex Futures Grid Launched-Master Futures Grid Trading in 3 Steps!

What is the Futures Grid?

Futures Grid is an automated trading strategy that aims to profit from price fluctuations within a specific price range. Users simply need to set the upper and lower price limits and determine the number of grid segments to start the strategy. The bot will automatically place orders to buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low within each grid segment, generating profits from market volatility.

How to Earn Double Profits with Pionex Grid?

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Three Steps to Creating a Pionex Futures Grid:

Now, the Pionex Futures Grid feature is officially released. Android users can download the latest APK from our official website http://www.pionex.com/download or update it via Google Play. iOS users can update the app through testflight, and it will also be available on the App Store in the future. Users can also use the futures grid bot directly on Pionex Web. Here’s how to use the Pionex futures grid:

Step 1: Download or update the latest version of the Pionex app and log in.

Step 2: On the Pionex app homepage, click“Trade” > “Futures Grid”.

Step 3: Enter the “Futures Grid” section and select “Customize” to manually configure the grid parameters and create your grid trading bot.Steps are as follows:

  1. Choose a trading pair (click the default BTCUSDT trading pair in the top left corner to open the futures trading pair selection page).
  2. Select long or short position, set the price range and grid quantity.
  3. Enter the investment amount and choose a leverage.
  4. Finally, click “Create” to create your bot. You can also expand the “Advanced Settings” below to input parameters such as trigger price, stop loss, and more.

Or you can click “Copy strategy”, and select “Long” or “Short”, the system will recommend the corresponding AI strategy, and you can choose the preferred one to follow.

How to Check the Profits of Futures Grid?

Click “Trade”> “My orders”, and view your profits of all your bots.

How to create a Futures grid bot on Pionex Web?

Step 1: Click “Futures” on the home page of Pionex Web to enter the futures, you can see “Futures Grid Bot”, and click “Create”.

Step 2: After selecting a pair and going long or short, manually set the parameters of the futures grid to create the bot, you can also unfold the “Advanced Settings” below to enter parameters such as trigger price, the price to close your bot or the price to stop loss and more.

How to Check the Profits of Futures Grid on Pionex Web?

Open your personal account in the top right-hand corner and click on “My trading bots” to view the details of all your bots.

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