I’m exploring pionex ok so far, however, my problem is with “converting” somehow I ended up with several types of coins in my pionex account and I can’t figure out how to convert them to USDT or BTC.

Like, I have various amounts for various coins in my portfolio and though it gives options to “deposit” “withdrawal” “trade” I still cannot find a way to get them all into USDT so I can utilize the whole sum rather than bits and pieces. Hope that makes sense?


If you refering to only “calculate” the USDT value, you can see the approximately USDT value in the balance details

If you refering to “trade” those tokens into USDT, you can go to Market – choose the token pair – Manual , to trade manually the token.

If you refering to trade the leftover token into USDT, you can use the “dust collector” feature in the balance details and then click the triple dot menu

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