I just released 114 usd from this bot which should be impossible

But the money is free in my account right now. I could even start a new bot i i wanted to. How’s that possible


The releasable profit is all the fund that is not being used by the bot, when you create the bot, it wont use all of the investment and hold them in reserved to make sure the bot is not canceled

Right now 225 usdt is holding in your bot, the rest (around 175usdt) worth of btc is placed on sell orders

This 225 , 98 used in buy orders , and several usdt on reserved fee, so the rest is “not being used” by the bot, and it kept on the bot, you can release all this not used fund by the bot. But cannot do this straight when starting the bot since the bot will use this on reserved fund until it no need this reserved fun

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