How to customize localization languages

In order to better serve global users, Pionex offers customized localized translation services. We allow users to provide better localized language files for Pionex.

Now, we have put the English language file on Github, allowing users to help translate Pionex’s Web and App.

You can translate Pionex using the following steps:

1. Visit Pionex’s official Github page and find the pionex-l10n project from

2. Fork this repos

3. Translate according to the English language file en.json.

4. Name the file with the corresponding language code, such as zh-TW for Traditional Chinese, jp for Japanese, and so on.

5. Be sure to include the following file header in the file:

    "l10n_locale": "jp",
    "l10n_name": "Japanese",
    "l10n_base_locale": "en",
    "l10n_base_name": "English",
    "l10n_version": "2023090101",
    "l10n_author": "This is my name",

6. Commit the translated localized language file to Github

7. Contact customer service on the Pionex homepage for review After the review, the customized localized multi-language file can be used directly on the Web and App.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact with Custom Service team.

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