Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my placed order disappear?

Possible reasons:

  1. Your liquidated position was taken over by the liquidation system. At this point, since all positions for the trading pair have been closed, the system will cancel all orders for that trading pair.
  2. Your entire position’s margin ratio reached 100%, triggering the liquidation process. The system will cancel all futures orders to release frozen margins.
  3. When the system detects that your available account equity cannot meet the current margin requirements (limit orders also require margin), the system will cancel all orders for the trading pair with the highest margin requirements to reduce the margin requirements.

Introduction to liquidation

Why wasn’t my TP/SL order triggered when it reached the trigger price?

In most cases, once the trigger price is reached, the TP/SL order will be triggered. However, in very rare cases, if the price reaches the trigger price and quickly reverses in an instant, the system may not detect it and the TP/SL order will not be triggered.

Introduction to TP/SL

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