About to sign up for the spot futures arbitrage bot, but have some usual noob questions

1. it says “futures” in bot name, but it’s really based on spot and perpetuals (a kind of futures). Correct?
2. Are you residents of U.S. eligible?
3. How do I check Funding Rate directly for each coin/pair?
4. Is the APR daily?
5. Does Pionex provide daily data (spot, perpetuals, funding rate) for download? Are any APIs available?


1. Yes, spot-future arbitrage is arbitraging spot market and futures market. Buying the same size with different direction and profiting from the funding fee. Doesnt care if price goes up or downs, one will always profit and one will always loss which is covering each other volatility.
2. Yes it is available
3. You can check the rate straight from the web/apps in each pair. We have some sorting tools too to make it easier to see which one has the highest funding fee
4. APR is yearly, but you’ll take the funding fee every 8 hours
5. No API’s available for now

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