Dual-investment 1288USD Trial fund

How to get 1288USD Dual investment trial fund

  • Completed Level 2 Identity verification (KYC Level 2), and have not invested in the structured products before.
The Step to receive trial fund:

Please make sure your Pionex APP has been updated to the latest version

1. Open Pionex APP, click “Earn” > “Structured” > ” + invest “
2. Click “Get $1288 Trial fund” at the bottom of the page
3. Click “Use trial fund” at the bottom of the screen to receive it successfully.

How to use the 1288 USD Dual investment trial fund

1. Select the Delivered period, then click “Detail” of the product you want to purchase

2. After confirming the information, click “Purchase” below

3. Before confirming the Purchase, you can see the “Settlement calculator” that you will receive after the settled date.

4. Click “Continue” after confirming.

5. After the order purchase has been completed, you can see the trial fund order in ” Structured”

6. When the order expires, you can receive the income!

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Q: When can I receive my interest?
A: Interest will be paid to your account within 7 working days.

Q: How is APR calculated?
A: The time parameter of Pionex dual investment Annual Percentage Rate is accurate to milliseconds.

The calculation method:
(interest/investment)/(settlement – purchase time)*365*100%.

Q: When will it be settled?
A: The settlement time of dual investment is 16:00(UTC+8) every day. The latest purchase time for the order of the day is 15:00(UTC+8).

Q: Why are there so few choices in Trial mode?
A: Dual-investment trial funds only support trying part of USDT-BTC products. The official version of dual-investment can free to choose the currency, target price, and settlement date.