Does anyone know a bot that can bank any profits at set intervals whilst leaving it running?

Currently only 24hrs. Just thinking if it hits 4% that’s a pretty good daily profit for me. If there is no way to “bank” this profit without closing the bot am I using the wrong bot?


Grid profit is always realized, which is the same as what you refer as “Bank”. Meanwhile the unrealized profit is the floating value from what your tokens bought compared on its buying value.

There’s no 100% safe way to make 4% a day without risk, you need to learn about the risk and plan your trading strategy to reach your target. If your bot is reaching 4% profit and you want to bank it, you can close the bot and re-evaluate for the next trades. If you keep the bot running, the profit may fluctuates, it might be increase more than 4% or become less than 4% depends on what market gives you.

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