Dear Admin and support, as far as I understood there is no any function to change the target price without needing to stop the bot in Grid Trading. Could you ask tools developer and designer o consider that in the new version please? I've seen this feature in "3CExchange", very useful and practical. thanks..


Hello, there are some issues with changing target price. If you understand how the gridbot thoroughly, changin grid price will make all the grid orders that already placed will be changed too. This might lead to some buy orders become sell orders or vice versa. If some orders is changed like that, it will be forced to trades, which will make the bot calculation have 2 reference to calculating profit, and some user wont aggree if we choose only 1 reference. Thus, you can make around of this thing , by canceling your bot and choose to Not sell the token. Then restarting the bot with new parameters and choose the option to use both token (this enable you to use Token and USDT instead of full usdt when creating the bot).

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