Can we add fund to smart trade? or editing it? and how can we close it with market price?


Unfortunately you cannot add fund to smart trade or editing it. There’s 2 condition of smart trades, the first one is the one that already bought the token, the second one is the one that hasn’t buy the token (just started still waiting to fill the buy)

For the first one, since the bot is already bought the token, it is now in condition to sell the token. If you want to edit the bot, you can stop the bot and not sell the token, and then use the token in another trades using Trailing Sell bot or Manual Limit order. If you want to close it with current price, you can choose sell the token when closing the bot

For the second one, since the bot not yet bought the token, you can just stop the bot and create new one with your desired parameters. There’s no transaction occured yet since the limit order from the bot is not filled, so you can edit the parameters of the bot with re-create it.

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