Can one learn how to trade leveraged token here?


Here is the AMA video:

Video1: What’s the Leveraged Token on Pionex?
Some details of the video going are as follows:

(1) What are Pionex Leveraged Tokens at 00:59
(2) How we name the leveraged Tokens at 01:37
(3) How the leverage decided at 02:55
(4) How does the rebalancing mechanism work at 04:01
(5) How much is the funding fee at 09:06
(6) The advantages of Pionex Leverages Tokens at 10:06
(7) The risk warning at 11:53
(8) Check Leveraged Tokens on Pionex web page at 13:18

Check here to watch the video 1:

Check Pionex Leveraged Token tutorial:

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