Because the scale is changed so if it goes to 10, it won't be the same scale as from 1.6 to 0.05? is that correct?

So i just need to be cautious if the price reaching 0.05. since my low is at 1.1, should it put stop loss at around 0.9 if that would ever happened?

Or stop loss at my starting price so that i wont lose anymore money?


yeah leverage token is not advised to run in the long term because it compounding profit and loss. If you profit 10% and loss 10%, the value is 100 – 110 – 99, so it would have less profit in the long run

Unless you got streak profit like 10% everyday will be compounded 100 – 110 – 121 – 133 …….. i remember when doge got this streak it was good, but after the top, it was kinda brutal

You can use any strategy based on your preferences

Leverage token trading is good, just to make sure you know what you doing since you trade with leverage risk.

Suggesting to experiment it with as low as possible and get your own strategy

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