With infinity grid we can "Profit from price increase & fluctuations" or "Profit from fluctuations"

When setting it to “Profit from fluctuations” essentially we are increasing the amount of tokenA (if token B is USDT for example) rather than keeping tokenA at the initial purchase amount as mentioned in the blog?

“In short: Whatever the price does, the Infinity Grid Bot will make sure your BTC value in USDT always stays the same and with every change, you make a small profit.”

So does removing “Profit from price increases” make it so “BTC value in USDT stays the same” to “BTC value in USDT increases”


You can gain earn from both price appreciation and and price fluctuation with the infinity bot. the infinity bot helps you hold a chunk of your assets and sells them bit by bit on the way up and rebuys the dip as well

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