What is your percentage profit per grid?


Then it means that every 0.2% price increase it will sell that increment part of the holdings

This is my tricks when deciding what to fill in the profit per grid. You can tweak it by your own

If i think a certain pair movement is always moving in high percent aggregate , it’s better to use higher profit per grid to increase the size per trade while also increase the profit per grid with the cost of less intensity.

Example is in a 10% range, if you buy bottom sell top, youll get 10% profit. But if you divide the range into 3 part, if the price move straight to top, youll only get less. Buy 30 btc at price range 10-11k. 2 grids will yield 10% profit.3 grids will profit 7.5 % , 4 grid will profit 6.6%

The downside is if the price fluctuate a lot, smaller profit per grid will yield better in the longer term from the high number of transactions

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