What is the point when most of the coins travel along with BTC and only few unknown coins go against it and that too on rarity

Only thing i see if some coins go up faster when btc is pumping. may that helps in rebalance.. but the opposite happens when it dumps too.


That’s exactly the point 🙂

And yes there are currencies with variable correlation

It’s a better way to make your index too

For example let’s say something like “Polkadot” index
You add, Dot, Ksm, Pols, some lower-cap coins in the ecosystem
In an uptrend, those currencies are correlated, yes, it is true, but the small caps go up more, they are more volatile, The bot can rebalance on this, and increase your amount of coins very easy.

Have low and high risk currencies in the portfolio, in a more safe way

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