What is the best way to earn from Pionex?


We have 3 popular bot which is mostly used by our user, they are Grid Bot, Infinity Grid Bot and Spot-Future Arbitrage Bot. Grid Bot will help you to catch volatilities in a ranging market, by putting continously buy and sell orders repetitively in a grid fashion. This enable you to catch the market volatility inside a certain price range. Meanwhile Infinity Grid Bot is a Grid Bot but without the upper limit, thus named infinity. This bot excels at scalping and holding for a bullish trending market. By trading and holding token at the same time, it enables you to catch some movement while holding the token in a bull market. The last one is Spot-Future Arbitrage Bot. This bot help you to hedge your position in Spot market and Futures market, thus almost removing the price movement risk, while getting profit from funding fees every 8h based on your futures short position.

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