DCA bot trading in spot of future ?

Answer With the DCA bot you are setting a time frame and a time period for buying the specific coin no matter what the price of the coin is. For example, I want to make a 10 dollar purchase every…

Im from DCA Adventure and we were wanting to do a full in-depth video about pionex.Im have been messing around with the bots for a bit over a month…I don’t understand the leveraged coins. I get the coins but I don’t get the charts they are showing. Could you explain how they work so I have the right info for the video..

Answer The Pionex Leverage Tokens have the following advantages:· Avoid the risk of liquidation, more friendly to beginners· Earn more and lose less compared with Margin Trading· Reduce the impact of volatility drag, more suitable Grid Trading and other trading…

Does DCA Bot also take profits?

Answer DCA Bot also take profits? Unlike grid trading bots, DCA bot cannot release profit while it is running. The only way to take profit from a DCA bot is to close it while the profit shows in positive.