What is Pionex’s Sideways Gain (Invest Stablecoin)

Sideways Gain (invest stablecoin) is the one for you to earn a daily return in stablecoin until your stablecoin is swapped for crypto.

At settlement,
Scenario 1: market price > strike price, you’ll earn interest in stablecoin
Scenario 2: market price ≤ strike price, you’ll buy crypto at the strike price with the original investment and interest earned

There are two strategies:

Strategy 1: Target APR:  the annual target return you expect with this investment
APR Higher Limit and APR Lower Limit:  the range of APR you expect to earn

Strategy 2: Daily Fall Ratio:  the percentage you would expect the price of crypto to fall the next day
Fall Ratio Higher Limit and Fall Ratio Lower Limit: the range of percentage price drop you expect to happen the next day

Structured:  the stablecoin you want to invest and the crypto you would like to swap for at settlement
Investment:  the amount of crypto that you want to invest

Based on your preference, we will find the best product that fits your needs.

After each settlement, the product will be automatically rolled into a new term that expires the next day based on the target APR or daily fall ratio you choose.