PionexGPT Strategy Tournament – Win up to 2,500 USDT!

The commencement of Season 1 of the PionexGPT Strategy Tournament has been announced and we are delighted to share this news with you. By joining the tournament, you have the opportunity to win up to 2,500 USDT.

Season 1 Period: 2023-04-05 to 2023-04-19 16:00 (UTC+8)

🔥Finish the below 2 tasks to win 2,500USDT

  1. ​Start a PionexGPT Strategy with more than $100 USDT and keep it active for at least 24 hours.
  2. “👉🏻 Retweet and Comment 👈🏻” to double your chance to win tournament rewards.

If you have hard time to set up PionexGPT Strategy, you can follow this ➡️ tutorial

Tournament Ranking based on PionexGPT Strategy ROI percentage to win up 2,500 USDT

1st Place1,000 USDT
2nd Place500 USDT
3rd Place300 USDT
Randomly Chosen 35 eligible usersReceive  20 USDT as rewards

On top of the above rewards, get a HUGE share of the profits 🚀💰

The top 3 PionexGPT strategies will be showcased on the GPT Marketplace for public subscription and profit-sharing made by those who copy the PionexGPT strategies.

Tournament Rules

  1. All futures trading pairs supported by Pionex are eligible for trading.
  2. The rankings will be based on the Return on Investment (ROI) achieved using the PionexGPT Strategy within the competition period. 
  3. Multiple Pionex GPT Strategies can be set up by participants. 
  4. The system will determine the rankings, which will be posted daily in the community 👉🏻 t.me/pionexen
  5. The rewards will be given to the Pionex Primary Account within 14 days of the tournament’s conclusion. 
  6. Pionex has the final say on the interpretation of the PionexGPT Strategy Tournament.
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