Manual Trade 【Web】

This is a tutorial to buy/sell your assets into another crypto manually on the Web version.
If you want to know the step on the App version, click Here

Let’s take ETH/USDT as an example. If you hold some ETH spots in your account and like to convert them into USDT to create the trading bot.

The crypto you need to invest in for running a trading bot depends on the quote currency.
e.g. You would like to create BTC(Base)/USDT(Quote), it is required to invest in “USDT”.

The Step to trade manual on the Web version:
  • Sign in to your Pionex account and click “Trade” -> “Manual” -> Select the trading pair you want to convert your holding coin into another.
  • Suppose you hold the ETH. You need to switch to “Sell” in the ETH/USDT market to sell your ETH into USDT.
  • After switching to “Sell”. There are 3 ways to pend your order in the Market.
  • 1) Limit Order – This is a tool you can use to better ensure you will not be buying or selling at an unfavorable price point.
  • 2) Market Order – To buy or sell at the market’s current best available price. A market order typically ensures an execution, but it does not guarantee a specified price.
  • 3) Grid Order – Grid buy/sell order is a unique tool that is only supported on Pionex. We provide users can set a lower and upper limits price and the grid number. So that you can buy/sell in a certain price range in batch.

When all the parameter has been input correctly, you may sell it

Have you already placed your order in the market?

You can check the placed order at the bottom of the page, to check whether you have made the order in the market or not.
And also can know the specific trading pair or all pairs of the manual trade in your account.


Q: What’s the reason that my manual history “Filled” column, does not fill 100% amounts of my trade?
A: In this case, you’ve canceled the order yourself.
Pionex’s limits order use (GTC) order type, to buy or sell lasts until the order is completed or canceled.

Q: What’s the difference between Arithmetic and Geometric in the Grid order parameter setting?
A: Using arithmetic to set with the grid, the number between each grid is a fixed number (e.g. 1,4,7,10)
The geometric setting would make the grid increase/decrease with the same ratio (e.g. 2,6,18,54)

Q: Why can’t I sell small amounts manually?
A: Due to the minimum transaction precision in the crypto market, each of the cryptocurrencies has a different minimum required quantity. (Generally, it will be around 1 USD)

Q: Why is my limit order filled immediately?
A: The buying price of the limit order is higher than the current price.

Q: What are the Transaction fees?
A: Spot transaction fees will be:
Maker 0.05% Taker 0.05%

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