Leveraged GRID Bot – App Version

Who needs Leveraged GRID Bot?

  1. Traders who have already tried a typical Grid trading strategy and had some trading experiences on it.
  2. Traders who are looking for multiplying your profit in the up-trend market condition.

What is Leveraged GRID Bot?

Leveraged GRID Bot is a new trading strategy that can leverage your investment to magnify your profit. The fundamental strategy of this bot is still the same as the Grid Trading strategy. The difference is that it combines the lending market and lets you to leverage your principal for a higher profit.

How to use Leveraged GRID Bot on Pionex?

  1. Select a trading pair and tap Leverage Grid.
  2. Set the lower limit and upper limit for the price range, just like how you did with a typical GRID Bot.
  3. Choose the leverage for your Leveraged GRID Bot. Up to 5x leverage for your favor.
  4. Last, configure the total investment of your bot. The amount would be your principal fund + borrowed fund.

After setting all the parameters, tap the “CREATE” button, and the bot will start trading for you.

Parameters in Leveraged GRID Bot

  • Lower limit: The lower bound of the price range.
  • Upper limit: The upper bound of the price range.
  • Grids: The grid amount in the price range.
  • Leverage: Total leveraged amount for your principal.
  • Borrowable fund: Available fund in the Pionex pool for traders to borrow.
  • Daily interest: The interest will be charged every hour. It’s a dynamic interest according to the available borrowable fund. The interest will be higher if more users use leveraged grid bot, vise versa.
  • Estimated liquidation price: the position of your bot will be liquidated if the price reaches the liquidation price.

Example of using a Leveraged GRID Bot

Configure a Leveraged GRID Bot as the following parameters:

  • Pair: BTC/USDT
  • Range: 3,000 ~ 8,000
  • # of Grids: 50
  • Type of Grid Width: Arithmetic
  • Leverage: 2x
  • Total Investment: 2,000 USDT

The trading strategy still remains the same as the GRID Bot. The difference is that 1,000 USDT will be enough for using the above GRID Bot. With the 2x leverage, you can use 1,000 USDT as your principal and perform a 2,000 USDT GRID Bot. The profit will be doubled compared to a normal GRID Bot with 1,000 USDT, but you’ll have the risk to be liquidated.

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