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Why is a different price gap when closing and creating the bot?

Naturally, the price gap is different when opening and closing. Because when opening, you are buying with Futures market bid1 price, and selling with Spot market ask1 price. And vice versa.
Ask1 price must be higher than the bid1 price. You cannot earn the price gap at the same time. You can only earn it when the market turns from hot to cold.
Let’s make a very easy example.
If I want to trade BTC. The spot market price is 50,000, and the Futures market price is also 50,000
The order book is also the same, 49,000 to buy and 51,000 to sell (the number is only an example to make it clear)
So, when you create the bot, you need to buy at 51,000 and sell at 49,000.

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